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Valentino InfanteMany have told their stories of coming to America, but each one tends to have its own unique passion. No two stories are the same. In the case of Valentino Infante, he was born in the Canary Islands, Spain in 1986. His life at the time was common to that of the Spanish lifestyle. He lived with his parents and his brother. His parents were working business owners. As the rumors spread of the opportunities in America, Valentino Infante’s parents decided to move to the United States when he was 9 years old. Valentino Infante gained his parents pursuit of happiness and hard working ethics which has helped him form to be the man he is today.

Canary Islands native Valentino Infante

Valentino Infante

It was 1986 and Valentino Infante was born to his parents off the coast of northwestern Africa on the Canary Islands — rugged, but beautifully beached, volcanic isles owned by Spain. He was only nine years old when his parents decided to relocate the family, including another young son, to the United States. With immense passion and drive, a new life was created in Florida for the family and the parents’ ambition passed to Infante and his brother.

The entrepreneurial spirit grew within alongside hard work for Infante. In 2010, Infante and his brother founded a call center in the Coral Springs, Florida, area, specializing in the sales of telecommunications packages. But Infante was always looking for new, exciting ventures — a drive he always held and gained from his passionate parents. The call center unexpectedly opened a door to another opportunity for Infante with St. Jude’s ALSAC, or the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities.

Infante committed wholly to ALSAC, including relocation to Memphis, Tennessee, to work as a bilingual representative for the organization’s Outsourced Operations. Holding immense goals to grow with the agency, Valentino Infante moved up with ALSAC in three short years to Senior Liaison. In this time, he also has caught the eye of leadership and achieved accolades for his successes with ALSAC.

The Life and Times of Valentino Infante

Valentino InfanteValentino Infante has come a long way since his family relocated to the United States in 1995, when he was just nine years old. Born in the Canary Islands, Spain, he certainly has followed family tradition. It was not easy to start over in a new country, but his parents were extremely hard-working business owners who tried hard to pass on that level of work ethic to both Valentino and his brother. When he was just a boy, Valentino Infante was assigned and completed numerous projects for his parents, practically every every weekend and all summer long. They passed on their drive and taught him to have a strong sense of ambition. It has never been in Valentino’s nature to settle for anything, but to strove to give everything he has.

In 2010, Valentino Infante and his brother co-founded a call center in Coral Springs, Florida, where they sold telecom packages. This experience led Valentino to Memphis, Tennessee, where he serves as a bilingual representative with American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC), which manages operations for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

He was hired as a bilingual representative for outsourced operations for ALSAC, but he refused to stop there. He was sure that, if he could get in the door at such a wonderful organization, he could move up the ladder quickly and do amazing things, which is what he did. Within three years, he was promoted to the position of Senior Liaison and he plans to go a lot farther.

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